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'Ye see that road...' 100cm x 100cm

'The wrath of God' 100cm x 100cm Acrylic

Im as fresh as a daisy! SOLD

Oh that red head of hers is no lie - 100cm x 50cm

Out on a limb 100cm x 50cm SOLD

The Celtic cross 100cm x 50cm

Admiring the roses 40cm x 40cm

Arriving in Castletown 40cm x 40cm SOLD!

The Escape 100cm x 50cm SOLD!

Getting ready to escape 40cm x 40cm

Give a man a hand then 40cm x 40cm

Going home to White O' Morn 60cm x 50cm

Going to see the brother 40cm x 40cm

In the cottage 40cm x 40cm

Is she real? She couldn't be 40cm x 40cm

One horse power 40cm x 40cm - SOLD

Patty fingers 40cm x 40cm

She's gone, and small wonder 40cm x 40cm

The Quiet Man bridge 40cm x 40cm SOLD

The welcoming committee 40cm x 40cm

The whisper 40cm x 40cm

Waiting on Michaeleen 40cm x 40cm

"I do love my old movies!"

This series of paintings are from the classic movie 'The Quiet Man'.  Exhibited to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the making of the movie.

Meeting up with Maureen O'Hara and the extended Wayne family at the festival in Cong was a nice memory.