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Friday Night Wash 40x40cms

Hanging Around 10x40cms

Auto Dreamers 40x40cms

Gone Fishing 50x20cms

Snakes & Ladders 20x50cms

Bitter Sweet Blues 27x34cms

Covered Allsorts 61x46cms

Overlap 80x50cms

Red Wash Day 61x47cms

Balcony View 40x40cms

Beware The Neighbour 40x40cms

Hanging Out 40x40cms

Invitation 40x40cms

Laying Low 40x40cms

The Duel 40x40cms

Drawing Shadows 10x15cms

Green Socks 10x15cms

Inbetweeners 10x15cms

Inside Out 10x15cms

Lonely Blues 10x15cms

Odd Man Out 10x15cms

Socks & Shorts 10x15cms

Spinning Around 10x15cms

Standing Out 10x15cms

The Dark Ones 10x15cms

Latest series of paintings called Lines and Signs.

Quite often when I walk around cities in other countries I see the old washing lines hanging from apartment windows.  Colourful splashes lined up like soldiers against the walls.  Occasionally mixed in with old painted 'ghost signs' on the walls, slowly peeling and disappearing, they make a nice subject for paintings and photos. I mix and match the signs and coloured clothes from different photos on different backgrounds and then paint them to create an interesting storyline.

The larger pieces are much more detailed and dramatic, but the smallest works more or less postcard sized, though less detailed, are bright and colourful. Perfect for hanging in a group together.